June 4, 2018

May 2018 Wrap Up

This wrap up is going to be pitiful, y'all. But I have no regrets. I did what had to be done in this crazy, ridiculously busy month. And right now, I have 3 weeks of classes left. We will not discuss the face that I have eleventy-billion hours of internship to do that might kill me. I will work at my paid gig Mon-Wed and Fri-Sat (Sometimes Sunday, too). Then I will work at the intern gig on Monday and Tuesday evenings and all day Thursday.

But anyway, here is what I read in May:

Giant Days Vol. 6

Giant Days, Vol. 6 by John Allison - This is a continuation of the graphic novel series about the British college kids. I love it. It's great. These kids are nuts.

AAAAND that's it. That's all I finished. I read in a couple of other books. I got halfway through Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman. I started Careless People by Sarah Churchwell. I even read a couple of chapters in Pride and Prejudice. But the only thing I could finish was that one graphic novel.

The book club book was The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict, but I didn't even take it off my shelf. Apparently, it was eye opening. Albert was not a very nice guy.

Anyway, that is the May wrap up. Here's hoping June looks better. The good news is, I've already read as many books in June as I read in may.