July 5, 2018

Mid-Year Update

Half way through 2018!! Holy Moly!

Guess it's time for a wrap-up.

Quarter 1: 12 books read

Quarter 2: 11 books read

I consider that an accomplishment since May was such a ridiculous month.

This year, I have read:

Books by Men: 5
Books by Women: 18

Books by persons of color: 5

Books for Adults: 17
YA Books: 6

I just realized I read no non-fiction during the second quarter. That's strange. And my also explain my currently being drawn to non-fiction right now.

pie chart

Book Riot Read Harder Challenges Completed:
2. A Book of True Crime - Killers of the Flower Moon
3. A Classic of Genre Fiction - Murder on the Orient Express
4. A Comic Written and illustrated by the same person - Big Mushy Happy Lump
5. A book set in or about the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) - The Bear and the Nightingale.
7. A Western - Vengeance Road
8. A Comic written or illustrated by a person of color - SuperMutant Magic Academy.
13. An Oprah Book Club selection - An American Marriage.
15. A one-sitting book - The Grownup
17. A Sci-fi novel with a female protagonist by a female author - Gemina
18. A Comic that isn't published by Marvel or DC. - Goldie Vance
20. A Book with a cover you hate - Underwater.

11 challenges done! Almost exactly half. I was kind of counting on spending the last part of the year catching up after school gets out, but I might not have to play catch up if things continue in this way!

So for the last half of the year, I'm going to focus on reading the zillions of books I own, cut back on buying more books,and finish up the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge.