August 17, 2018

Friday Reads 8/17/18

I actually have no idea what day it is anymore. I'm losing my mind. My planner tells me it's Friday, so here is what I might be reading this weekend.

I work Saturday. Sunday is when dance and bells start back up for the season. It's a little chaotic, but that's how I like it. Apparently.


The Sleepwalker by Chris Bohjalian - This is the book club book for August. I'm about a third of the way through it. It's pretty good. It's told from the perspective of a college student whose mother has disappeared during a sleepwalking episode. She has a younger sister who is 12 and a father. She is the one running the household now that her mom is gone. She's also trying to figure out what happened to her mom.

Careless People

Careless People by Sarah Churchwell - I started listening to this on audio. It's great for driving in the car and doing dishes and stuff. I usually listen to podcasts, but I just feel like listening to this book right now. It's about the Fitzgeralds and the people they knew and the events that happened that ended up in the book The Great Gatsby.

Most likely, I won't finish either of these this weekend, so this is it.