October 2, 2018

Authors I'd Like to Meet

Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is Authors I'd Like to Meet. This is a pretty broad category, so I put some limitations on it. First, they have to still be alive. None of this bringing people back from the dead to have a hypothetical meeting. Secondly, I am imagining a particular kind of meeting. More like a meeting for lunch than a meeting in a book signing line. Those kinds of meetings cause anxiety for me. Also, they set up a weird dynamic where I'm expected to be the fawning fan of the great artiste. If I was an author, I would find that distasteful as well. For the purposes of this list, I am going to think about authors I would like to get to know a bit.

  1. Donna Leon - Starting with the obvious one first. What an interesting person! She was born in America, taught in Venice for 30+ years, and now lives in Switzerland! I want to hear all about all of that.

  2. Anne Rice - Another obviosity. I made that word up. She's nearing 80 years old. I follow her on some social media, twitter or facebook, and she appears to have become querulous as she ages. But her mind is still sharp. She has some solid thoughts on what's going on in the world. She hasn't checked out just yet.

  3. Chistopher Moore - Moore writes my favorite humorous vampire series, Bloodsucking Fiends. This is the one with Abby Normal who is a hilarious, goth, teen girl who makes grown police officers cry with her logic. I follow Moore on twitter and he is hilarious also.

  4. Janet Evanovich - Evanovich writes the Stephanie Plum series, which is probably the only series I have read in whole and for which I await each new release for months. She lives in Florida with her husband. She is one of the few female authors who is still married. The typical story is that the author starts writing to deal with the divorce or to support her family after the divorce.

  5. Anne Bogel - This one is kind of cheating. Yes she's an author, but she is more well-known for her podcast, What Should I Read Next, and her blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy. Her reading taste seems to be on par with mine. Not exclusively bestsellers and romances, but also not exclusively high-brow literature. She has voice made for the airwaves and 4 kids. I love her outlook on the reading life.

Which authors would you like to meet? Put your own limitations on it, if you'd like.