October 4, 2018

3rd Quarter Wrap Up

We are 3/4 of the way through this year! The last quarter is always my favorite part. Anyway, let's recap the last quarter:

I read 24 books between July 1 and September 30. That's more than I read in the entire first half of the year!!! That is an accomplishment in itself. I could stop here, but I'm curious about some stats.

Books by Women: 16
Books by Men: 8

Books by Persons of Color: 5

Books for Adults: 20
YA Books: 3
Children's: 1


Read Harder Challenges met this quarter:
9. Read a book of Colonial or Post-Colonial Literature - Blackass.
11. A children's book published before 1980 - Chicken Soup with Rice.
12. A celebrity memoir - 18 and Life on Skid Row.
14. A book of social science - Locking Up Our Own.
16. The first in a new-to-you YA series - Caraval.
21. A Mystery by a person of color - Bluebird Bluebird.
22. An essay anthology - What to Read and Why.
23. A book with a female protagonist over 60 - The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.
24. An assigned book you hated (or never got to) - The Other Einstein.

That leaves me with 4 challenges to go!

In my last wrap up, I said I would spend the last half of the year reading books I own and trying not to buy more books. I would say I have failed miserably at not buying more books, but let's see how I am doing with reading my own damn books:

I read 15 books off my own shelf. Hmmm. That means 9 of the books I read were library books. One was A Man Called Ove that was an audiobook. I got that because I needed an audiobook. 1 was a book club book, so I am not going to count that. But that also means that 2 of the book club books were books I owned, so I feel like that is a win! 3 of those were graphic novels that I read in one sitting. One of those I didn't even check out. I just read it at my desk. And one was the picture book for the read harder challenge. I didn't check that out either. The last 3 were non-fiction books that had just come out and I wanted them NOW. So there's where my biggest problem is. Not wanting to wait until my TBR is less cumbersome to read the books.

The good news is, my entire October TBR comes from my shelves. I am determined to get those books read.