October 10, 2018

TBR Bookshelf Update

Maybe you remember a couple of weeks ago when I talked about making lists of my TBR books I currently own? Well, I did it. I ended up with 3 lists: fiction (divided by genre), non-fiction, and YA (divided by genre).

Yesterday, I realized my Kindle is filled with books on my TBR. So I created a fourth list of Kindle books. It includes fiction and nonfiction. There weren't enough to justify separate lists.

Unfortunately, I realized I have a lot of books on my Kindle that are also on my bookshelf. I got them on my Kindle and forgot and bought a physical copy. Oops!

I realized today, that I will most likely not ever update these lists ever again, so there was really no purpose to creating them other than to deal with the tide of anxiety I am dealing with these days. Which is not nothing, so I don't feel too bad about it.