October 12, 2018

Friday Reads 10/12/18

I have been waiting for this weekend for weeks!!! I finally get a Saturday off!!! The planets have aligned just right. I won't get another Saturday off until after grad school. So, a month. It's getting so close! 3 weeks of work left!

So what do I do? I invite my daughter's homeschool teacher over to give her testing on Sunday. Which means I have to clean. So much for a nice relaxing day off. I still don't have to drive to work. AND I can sleep in. I'm so excited!

Anyway, reading. I finally settled down on what to read next, and so far, so good.

Night Film

Night Film by Marisha Pessl - I've read about 30 pages of this. So far we have a disgraced journalist, a weird horror movie director, and his dead-from-apparent-suicide daughter. The journalist is sure the director is evil and is out to prove it. That's all I've got.

Haunted Onandaga County

Haunted Onandaga County by Neil MacMillan - This one is pretty tame. Each little chapter gives a history of the haunted are and a description of what ghosts are seen there. So far, the author has not encountered any of the rumored spectres, but he always says it could happen. Not too scary for pre-bedtime reading.

What are you reading this weekend?