October 16, 2018

Bookstores I'd Like to Visit

Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is Bookstores I'd Like to Visit. It didn't take very long to think of 10 bookstores. See what you think.

Parnassus Books, Nashville, TN - This bookstore is owned by Ann Patchett who wrote Bel Canto among others. I figure an author might have a good idea of what a bookstore should look like.

Tattered Cover, Denver, CO - I've been to one of the branches, but I haven't been to the one downtown. It's always too trafficy when I have the chance.

Powells Books, Portland, OR - Did you know there is a Powell's in Chicago? It's actually the original. A family member moved to Portland and opened that one, but now it's the most well known one.

The Strand, NYC, NY - I feel like this might be incredibly overwhelming, but interesting to take a peek at.

The Last Bookstore, Los Angeles, CA - This bookstore has some really interesting and creative shelving.

City Lights, San Francisco, CA - Because also, I'd be in San Francisco

Hay On wye, Wales, UK - The whole town is basically a bookstore. It has a huge festival every year. Also, I'd be in the UK.

Prairie Lights, Iowa City, IA - This bookstore is world famous and has tons of events, but it's just hanging out in Iowa. Weird.

Elliott Bay Book Co., Seattle, WA - It's a pretty little store. Lots of wood. Very fun.

Foyle's Books - This is supposedly a nicer version of Barnes and Noble. And also it's in the UK.

Chapters/Indigo, Canada - Another big chain, but in Canada.

As you can see, I have very discerning taste. What are some bookstores you'd like to visit. I can recommend Magic City Books here in Tulsa if you are drawing a blank.