October 17, 2018

There Goes My TBR

I've been doing really well sticking to my TBR for the last few months. But I could tell I was starting to give way. The fact that I couldn't commit to a solid list of books for October should have been a sign. I put a ton of books on my list to give myself things to choose from.

Well, this weekend, I did a thing. I DNF'ed a book. (DNF = Did Not Finish). I really wanted to like Night Film by Marisha Pessl. I gave in 100 pages. I tried. But nothing was happening. I think it was supposed to be kind of funny, but it was just kind of cringe-y. So I put it down. I took the bookmark out of it and put it back on my shelf.

Then I went to the college library. I finished the training program I was working on yesterday. When I got to the library today, none of the librarians was here, yet, so I went through the stacks. I realized there are a lot of books here that I don't have access to at the public library. Then I realized I will only have access to these books for 2 more weeks. !!! I grabbed a pile off the shelf to check out. So okay, now I have 5 library books to read.

So much for all those creepy books I planned to read. Oh well.