October 21, 2018


I am really struggling. I finished a book today and picked up the next one I planned to read. Then tragedy struck. I didn't want to read it!

I to put it down and find something I actually feel like reading. Tragedy struck again! I can't find anything to read!!!

I mean, I have plenty to read. I just don't feel like reading any of it. I don't know WHAT I want to read.

I was languidly scrolling through the books on my Goodreads TBR and not really being inspired by anything there. My daughter suggested that I re-read something. So I went to my To Re-Read shelf on Goodreads. Nope. Nothing tickled my fancy there.

Maybe I don't feel like reading! Can that happen?

I mean, this has been a rough day and I kind of took a little nap earlier this evening. Maybe I'm just out of sorts and my interest will be piqued by something else tomorrow? I don't like this.

The struggle is real, people!