November 28, 2018

Very Merry Readathon

Just when the TisTheSeasonAthon ends, the Very Merry Readathon begins! It is December 10-16. I will probably have some books that cross over from one readathon to the next since we all know I'm not going to get all the books read for the first one.

Reading Challenges -

  1. Read a book that is set during the holidays -
    Probably going to use A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens for this one. I don't have that many Christmas books hanging around.

  2. Read a book with Christmassy colors on the cover -
    The Bronte Plot by Katherine Reay. It's really mostly just red, but that works.

  3. Read a book with illustrations -
    The Bookshop Book by Jen Campbell - This is a little book about bookshops, naturally, and I believe it has little drawings in it.

  4. Read a book that was given to you as a gift -
    Jane Austen's England by Karen Quint - Mike gave this to me last Christmas. It was a Kickstarter. It has my name in the acknowledgments. Hee!

  5. Read a book just because you want to -
    I'm not going to commit just yet. I'm going to let this one happen at Whim! Whatever I feel like reading when I get to it, that's what I'll read.

    What would you read for these challenges?