January 7, 2019

2018 Wrap Up

Now that we are a week into the new year, I guess it's time to review last year. I'll start with the goals I made last year and review how that went. Then I will go over the stats for the year.

2018 Goals Review

  1. Read 50 books - I ended up reading 69 or 70 books in 2018. Blew this goal out of the water and doubled it for 2019.

  2. Do the Read Harder Challenge - I finished the Read Harder Challenge in the second week of December. Perfect timing.

  3. Read at least 9 book club books - I think I read 11 book club books, but definitely no less than 10. Passed!

  4. Keep track of Book Stats - I kept track of various stats throughout the year, such as, gender of author, whether the author was a person of color, what genre the book was, and what audience it was intended for. This year, I have expanded my reading journal and I'm super excited about it. Maybe I'll do a post on what I have done for my bookish bullet journal.

So that's my goals review. I think I met all my goals for the year! Amazing!

Now: a rundown of what I've read in 2018 as captured by the stats I kept.

Female: 50 (72% of books were by women. Crushed last year's 59%!)
Male: 18

Authors of color: 13 (That's 19% of all books read. Last year it was 12%. Improvement!)

75% of the books I read in 2018 were for Adults. 17% were for YA audiences.

30% of my 2018 books were non-fiction. More than any other category. This is surprising to me. Last year was 25% but it didn't seem like more. Weird.

21% were contemporary fiction or classics set in their own times.

16% were graphic novels or manga.

7% were historical fiction

6% were fantasy

3% were short Stories

3% were Picture books

I read one romance book and one science fiction book.

That's what I got. What trends did you notice for 2018? Did you read more books? Did you read better books?