January 11, 2019

Friday Reads 1/11/19

I just realized I've been pretty quiet this week. I guess I've just been focused on life. It happens.

I've been perusing various bookish websites and I have found some options for Read Harder Challenge goals, so I'm stoked about that.

I got more info about the Sequoyah reading team I'm on. I guess there are only 2 new members this year, so I am really excited that I was one of the ones picked. I didn't realize it had so few spots open. Wow! Anyway, I should be having a meeting with the chairperson soon and get a list of books. Publishers send us the copies, I guess. Probably mostly digital copies, maybe. I hope there are print copies. I like that better.

Anyway, this weekend is pretty busy. Tonight I am spending the night with my dancers at the lock-in at the church. That always wears me right out. Tomorrow evening there is a party with my former coworkers from the Broken Arrow Library. And then Sunday, we have bells and dance rehearsals. Oy!

If I get any reading time I will be reading Still Life by Louise Penny. I started it at lunch today. I've read about 20 pages.

Still Life

Since I just started it, I don't have any delusions that I will finish is this weekend. I won't attempt to decide what's next at this point.

I have finished 3 books this month already, so I feel pretty accomplished.

What are you reading this weekend?