January 16, 2019

Disappointing Reads of 2018

Today's Top Five Wednesday topic is Top 5 Disappointing Books I Read in 2018. I went through all the books I read last year and came up with exactly 5 books that weren't quite what I wanted.

I'll start with the most egregious violator of my expectations:

A Terrified Teacher At Ghoul School by Mai Tanaka - This was a manga novel about a spineless nerd of a teacher who got a job at a prestigious school. When he arrives, he finds out all the students are ghouls and he is terrified of them. They walk all over him and he spends most of his time hiding in his lectern. I kind of hated it because he was such a whiny baby and had no interest in standing up to these teenagers. Blah.

Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman - This is about a girl whose father is murdered by the cowboy mafia so she decides to get revenge. She dresses like a boy to protect herself, hooks up with some boys who knew her father, and went out into the desert to track the bad guys. It was just kinda boring.

Bluebird, Bluebird by Attica Locke - This wasn't a bad book. It just wasn't what I wanted, I guess? It was about a black Texas Ranger that takes it upon himself to go investigate a couple of murders in a tiny East Texas town. Unfortunately, he's got himself into trouble with the Rangers because a friend of his is accused of killing a man, his wife has kicked him out of the house for being married to the job, and he has a bit of a drinking problem. He's not a real cheery guy. It was hard to root for him because he was so depressing.

The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict - This book made me mad. Twice. First I was angry about how Einstein treated his brilliant wife. Then I was even more pissed when I found out the author had maybe kinda made that part up a little bit. I just didn't appreciate that much.

American Fire by Monica Hesse - I can't really put my finger on what about this is not up to par, I just felt like it was kind of meh. It just felt like it was not enough in some way. Not enough information. Not enough emotion. Not enough something.

So those are my five most disappointing books of 2018. What did you read that didn't meet your expectations?