January 24, 2019

Change of Plans

I have had to revise my plans for my reading year. This is why it is so good to be flexible.

I set my Goodreads goal for 100 books in 2019. Except, I just got the beginning of the reading list for the Sequoyah committee, and I realized I can't tell anyone what we're reading. I can't log them on Goodreads and I can't write about them here on my blog.

The easy part is reeling back my Goodreads goal to like 15 books. The hard part is finding things to talk about here on my blog while I dive into YA books up to my eyeballs.

I think what I'll do is try to keep one non-Sequoyah book on the go while I'm reading the YA books so I'll have something to put in my posts. Maybe I'll just be very in-depth in my writing about those books.

This is going to take some tinkering. Bear with me.