February 11, 2019

Nosy Librarian Tag

These are some...strange questions.

1. What has been the most influential library in your life?
Nathan Hale Public Library Tulsa. This is the library I went to as a child. I checked out so many book as well as records and paintings and now they have the city's collection of cake pans. The manager of that library is the person who hired me at the Broken Arrow library when I was 32, and look at me now.
2. What will they title your biography?
Crazy Book Lady
3. The story you hope your librarian never finds out.
I am the librarian.
4. What is your favorite word?
5. Three weird things that you're afraid of.
Clowns, Heights (which is only weird because I'm super tall), and driving under a bridge.
6. Your favorite book as a grade schooler.
Jane Eyre
7. What have your interactions with the police been like?
I'm a white woman with a convenient southern accent. Mostly, my interactions with the police have been me calling the police for the library.
8. All-time favorite book cover.
What, just one? Psh. I'll put covers I like at the bottom.
9. How many places have you lived?
Towns? 3 Tulsa, Stillwater, Broken Arrow
10. Booktubers you like and admire.
PeruseProject, Basically Brit, Brittany the Bibliophile, Books and Lala, Aprilus Maximus.

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