February 25, 2019

Goodreads Update 2/25/19

Ok. This could be a really crazy update. Like, I have probably added over 100 books to my TBR list in the last month. I think what I will do is just highlight certain additions on this list. I don't really know how long it would take me to list all the 100+ books I have added recently.

All the Lives We Ever Lived: Seeking Solace in Virginia Woolf by Katharine Smyth - This is a memoir about a woman who read To the Lighthouse as a way to grieve the death of her father. I think. I'll let you know after I read it.

The Pope: Francis, Benedict, and the Decision That Shook the World by Anthony McCarten - This is about the transfer of power when Benedict XVI decided to step down as pope, making him the first pope not to die in power. Francis, the first non-European pope, is a completely different pope. I like Francis, although I'm not Catholic, so my vote doesn't count.

Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig - Haig has bunch of novels under his belt, but this is about how modern life leads to anxiety and depression, and how to live better. It is a follow up to his book Reasons to Stay Alive.

The Recovering: Intoxication and Its Aftermath by Leslie Jamison - This is kind of a memoir mixed with a look at the recovery genre. I'm interested.

Spin by Lamar Giles - This is a YA mystery set in an urban setting. DJ Parsec was murdered and her friends are determined to find out who killed her and why.

The Wicked King by Holly Black - This is the sequel to The Cruel Prince that I read last month. That book really stuck with me, and I'm hoping the sequel is as good. I've heard it is. We shall see.

Izzy + Tristan by Shannon Dunlap - In case you didn't catch it by the title, this is a retelling of Tristan and Isolde. Interested to see how this goes.

Sherwood by Megan Spooner - This is a retelling of Robin Hood with a female cast. Yes, please.

The Raven's Tale by Cat Winters - Cat Winters write retellings of classic stories. Guess which this one is? Her Hamlet retelling was set in 1930's Louisianna, so I'm interested to see what she does with this one.

The Language of Fire: Joan of Arc Reimagined by Stephanie Hemphill - I seem to have a thing for retellings. This one should be exciting since it's about an actual person, not just a classic story.

The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker - This magical realism(?) story is set in a small college town in Ohio. One day a girl walks into her dorm room and falls asleep and doesn't wake up. She's still alive, she's just really deeply asleep. It turns into an epidemic. People all over town are falling asleep and dreaming these clearly very vivid dreams. The story follows a yound family trying to keep the sickness from hitting their newborn, and one of the students on campus.

Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes - When a young boy is shot by police who mistake his toy gun for a real one, he becomes a ghost. As a ghost, he meets another Ghost Boy named Emmett Till.

The Piory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon - Honestly, I put this on the list because of it's gorgeous cover. It's a fantasy novel about a couple of kingdoms on the brink of war. Also, dragons.

Parkland: Birth of a Movement by Dave Cullen - This is the guy who wrote Columbine. Columbine was a big deal for the number of students killed. Parkland is big for the reaction of the surviving students.

The Book of Delights by Ross Gay - This is a book of essays about daily joys in the author's life from one birthday to the next. I don't see how this couldn't be uplifting.

Mrs. Sherlock Holmes by Brad Ricca - I saw this at the bookstore the other day. I thought it was a Victorian mystery novel, but it turns out to be non-fiction. It's about the first female U.S. District Attorney who found a missing girl when the NYPD gave up. The press called her Mrs. Sherlock Holmes.

And that's it! Well, that's all I'm going to bore you with this time.