February 26, 2019

Nifty Bookish Questions

This was originally published as 52 Nifty Bookish Questions when it was filmed by Stripped Cover Lit on their Youtube channel. I removed some of the questions, mostly because I didn't understand what they were asking. Like, what even is a villanelle? Anyway, it's still a lot of questions so this will likely be a two-part post.

What book are you reading right now? - That's cute that you think I'm only reading one. Here's a brief list:

  1. The Girl King by Mimi Yu
  2. Unmarriageable by Soniah Kamal
  3. Home and Away by Candice Montgomery
  4. Binti by Nnedi Okorafor

What was the last thing you highlighted? - My desk schedule at work. I don't generally highlight books unless it's a textbook.

What do you plan to read next? Now there's a loaded question. I think after I finish The Girl King, I'm going to read a contemporary YA. I might also pick up something from my March TBR, but I don't know what that is, yet, so I can't name it here.

One fiction writer, living or dead, with whom you'd like to grab a drink. - The obvious answer here is Jane Austen, but I don't really see her as much of a drinker. Probably some wine.

One non-fiction writer, living or dead, with whom you'd like to grab a drink. - Mary Roach. As long as she doesn't describe to me what is happening to our drinks as they course through our bodies.

One poet, living or dead, with whom you'd like to grab a drink. - Mary Roach. She could probably use a drink. She's been through a lot lately.

One booktuber with whom you'd like to grab a drink. - Ange from Beyond the Pages. I really click with her book choices and seems like a chill girl.

Emily Dickinson or Edgar Allan Poe? - I guess Poe. I like Dickinson, but I feel like Poe is more accessible.

Hemingway or Fitzgerald? - Fitzgerald for sure. Hemingway is really frustrating.

Jane Austen or Charles Dickens? - Duh.

Steven King or Michael Crichton? - King. Crichton is too science-y.

Brett Easton Ellis or Chuck Palahniuk? - Oh, ugh. I guess Palahniuk?

Kurt Vonnegut or John Green? - Vonnegut.

Shakespeare's poems or plays? - Plays.

Cormac McCarthy or J.K. Rowling? - I guess Rowling as long as it's not her tweets.

Hannibal Lector or Voldemort? - OK, so I haven't actually read Silence of the Lambs, but I feel like Lector is just a regular human, not one with magic. It seems you have a better chance against him.

TC Boyle or George Saunders? - Saunders. I've actually read some of his work.

YA or Children's Lit? - YA for sure. It's a lot more compelling than children's and I just like teens more.

That's about half of my list, so I'll pick this back up again later. Do you have any favorite answers to these questions?