February 27, 2019

Nifty Bookish Questions Pt. 2

Irony or humor? - It depends. Irony is usually a higher form of humor, but sometimes I'm too dumb for it.

Sci-fi or horror? - Sci-fi. I like to sleep at night.

Fantasy or non-fiction? - See this is apples and oranges. Like, what kind of non-fiction? Presidential biographies I can do without, but like, I can read books about books and reading all day long. This question is bunk.

Would you rather find a new favorite contemporary writer or a new favorite old-time great? - Contemporary writer - There's more likelihood that they will write more books.

Sonnet or haiku? - Haiku. I don't really care for poetry much, and haiku tends to be shorter.

Would you rather spend an evening in a library or a bookstore? - Bookstore. If I'm in a library in the evening, it probably means I'm working the late shift.

Magazine or wikipedia article? - Magazine. Nobody reads a whole wikipedia article. They find the information they need, then they find the citation for that information and go to that.

The writer I would like to write my biography. - I am struggling with this. I can't think of anyone who I like who writes biographies. Maybe Denise Kiernan?

I do/do not highlight my books. - Do not. Unless it's a textbook. Not that I'm against it, I'm just too lazy to stop reading and highlight.

I do/do not write in my books. - Not usually. Mostly for the same reason as highlighting. I can't be bothered. When I'm reading for an award, I place notecards and 50 page intervals. When I get to that page, I do a little recap, write any thought or predictions I have, and stick it back in the book. That way, I can remove my notes from the book and have them all together and don't have to go flipping through the book to find them.

Earliest memory of a library. - My mom used to take me to the Nathan Hale Public Library when I was a kid. I remember realizing I could check out a framed painting. That was cool.

Last time you went to a library. - I'm in one right now. I go to one at least 5 days a week.

Have you ever stolen books from a library? - No.

Ballpark, how many books do you own? - So this is loaded. Me personally, I probably own 1200-1500 books. If you add in my husbands books, that number is closer to 2000. We won't talk about my children's books.

How many books do you think makes a reasonable personal library? - I guess that is up to the owner. I like to have a ton of books around me. It makes me calm. Some people don't like to have unnecessary things in their living space. I have a friend who buys a book, reads it, and sells it online.

How do you feel about the phenomenon that started with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? - Well, for one, I feel like it's kind of over now. People are still retelling classic novels, but they aren't doing it like that. I enjoyed P&P&Z, but I struggled with the other ones.

If you could own one book from all of history? - Jane Austen's personal published copy of Pride and Prejudice.

Audiobooks: same as reading? - Absolutely. The same parts of your brain are working when you're listening to a book. Sometimes I can't remember if I listened to a book or read it in print.

Writer that embarrasses you the most because you haven't read them. - I don't know. Maybe Zadie Smith because I own several of her books, but I haven't read them.

Writer that embarrasses you the most because you have read too much of them. - I don't really go in for reader guilt, but maybe Stephenie Meyer because I've read the entire Twilight series, plus the novella, plus the retelling with the gender swap.

What is a biography you're looking forward to reading? - Jane Austen: The Secret Radical** by Helena Kelly. I've been saving it.

Do you have a dream reading cubby? I mean, I call it a nook, but sure. It would have a small cozy couch with blankets in front of a window with a small table for my drink and to hold my book journal and stack of books. Also a lamp for nighttime reading.

Ok. Do you have any good answers to these questions? Let me hear 'em. Especially if you have ideas for things to add to my reading nook.