April 12, 2019

Friday Reads 4/12/19

It's Friday. It's been a weird week.I wish I was going to get to read more this weekend, but I have to do a work thing tomorrow afternoon. But who knows, maybe it will happen.


Stain by A.G. Howard - I really don't want to read this. I've barely read anything all week because I've got this hanging over my head. It's just really boring.

The Waning Age

The Waning Age by S. E. Grove - This one moves a bit faster. I also have it on audiobook for when I am busy doing something with my hands, but not my brain. The cover is terrible, though.

The Music Shop

The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce - Book club is next Friday, so I need to get motivated on this one. I read a bunch of it on audiobook last month, but I didn't finish it. I have a paper copy now. Hopefully I can race through it. I enjoyed what I read.

Giant Days

Giant Days by John Allison - I have three of these graphic novels lying around that I really should just read and return to the library. They don't take very long. Just do it.


Karamo by Karamo Brown - This is on of the guys from the TV show Queer Eye. I love that show. It's just so happy. Karamo is the culture expert, which basically means he helps people connect to people in their lives. This book probably has a pretty long hold list, so I have to get busy on it.

I have a lot of reading ahead of me. Yikes!!!

What are you reading this weekend?