April 19, 2019

Friday Reads 4/19/19

Only 3 weeks until my college student comes home! I am going to book club tonight and a wedding shower tomorrow. Sunday is Easter. I'm going to have to take time off next week to recover from my weekend!

I recently decided to stop reading Stain by A. G. Howard. I got stalled out halfway through it. I talked to some people who told me not to worry about it. If it becomes an issue, I can pick it back up later. I am definitely behind.

Waning Age

The Waning Age by S. E. Grove - Nat lives in a future San Francisco in which no adults can still feel emotions. Children have them, but they lose them after about 10-11 years. Rich people can take simulated emotions to make them feel however they want. Nat's little brother hasn't lost his emotions yet, or waned, as they call it. This makes him a target for experimentation by the companies who run society.

I recently went through all the books we have received for the awards reading and divided them up as a way to organize my reading. In doing this, I realized I am not actually behind in my reading. I am friends with one of the girls who is also on the committee and she has read, like, 17 books. Turns out, she's the outlier. I'm actually second in line at 12 books. Most people have read maybe 6-8 books. Whew!

So I broke the books up into 3 categories:
- Books I'm super excited to read.
- Books I'm less excited to read.
- Books I'm actually kind of dreading reading.

Then I went through and divided up the second and third categories by number of positive ratings. The books have to have at least 2 positive reviews in book journals to be considered. So I put the ones with only 2 reviews in the third column, and books with more than 2 reviews in the second column.

Then I reogranized my original second and third categories so that those books with more than 2 reviews are at the top of the column and those with only 2 reviews are at the bottom. Clear as mud?

I figure I can read a meh book and then an Ugh! book and then reward myself with a Yay! book.

All that is to say: when I finish The Waning Age I will pick up A Cave in the Clouds by Badeeah Hassan Ahmed. Ahmed was captured by ISIS and sold to a Syrian commander as a sex slave. This is the story of what she endured and how she escaped. You know, just a little light reading.

Cave in the Clouds

Where will your reading take you this weekend?