December 12, 2019

I'm Back in the Game!

back in the game

I think my reading slump is over! My reading group met yesterday and we talked about books for awhile. Then I got into my bookshelf and cleaned it out. I pulled off all the books we have removed from our list. That cleared out about half the books on my shelf! It looks so good!

Today I had a massive migraine, but I still got organized and put together a spreadsheet of the books I want to read for the rest of the month. I did the thing where I decide how long to read each book, and then divide the book up with sticky tabs.

Here comes the good part.

Then I started reading! I read in 4 whole books! And they were all great! I actually enjoyed reading them! I wanted to read them, not just hold them for a little bit while I played on my phone.

I have hope that this will work!