January 8, 2020

Time for a Small Cull

I got a wild hair today and decided to take some things off my TBR that I am no longer interested in reading. I ended up taking off 36 books. That's about 3% of the books on the list. There were 618 books when I started. And when I finished there were 591. I didn't take off any of the 301 books that are already on my shelves at home, waiting for me to read them. I only removed books I don't have and don't really care anymore if I ever read it.

So really, if I skew the statistics so that it only reflects books NOT already on my shelves, I culled 11% of the books from my TBR. That is a nice number. I feel accomplished.

Of course, the next thing I did was visit Bookriot.com and added books to my TBR that I've heard them talk about recently. But only 4 so far.