March 11, 2020

Second Tome Around Book Tag

I found another tag! I've linked the original video above if you're interested.

  1. Do you buy used books? - I do! Not always, but sometimes.

2. What's your latest purchase? - I recently got an order from Better World Books which is a great place to find used books. Most of the ones I got were library deselections. They were in good shape and still had their library protective coverings.

3. What condition do you find acceptable? - I'm okay with books that are marked up. I'm not here for stains or broken spines. Broken spines mean it's going to fall apart.

4. After you have read a book, do you keep it for another reading, or do you donate it back? - Depends on the book. If I loved it, I'll keep it for a re-read. If it was just okay, I'll pass it on. Either to the used bookstore or the Goodwill.

5. Do you have a favorite place to go for second hand books? - I've already mentioned Better World Books for online shopping, but Tulsa has a wonderful used bookstore, Gardner's. It's massive and has something for everyone. Black and Read in Denver is great. Also Page One in Albuquerque is fun.

6. Hardback or paperback? - Paperback usually. Those are easier to hold for my poor arthritic hands.

7. Have you found any real gems? - Once, at Black and Read in Denver, I found a Claudia L. Johnson book about Jane Austen for real cheap. I thought that was a gem.

Tell me your answers in the comments!