March 31, 2020

The Book Tempter's TBR Book Challenge

Yet another book challenge I'm partaking in, since I can't do a lot of anything else. This one is from the blog Run Along the Shelves. It actually started last week, but I don't think time matters too much. It includes 12 challenges. Wherever they are, the powers that be are saying we'll be locked in for 12 weeks, so the idea is to read a book a week. Fun!

  1. The Chunky Boi - Read a book over 500 pages
  2. The Newbie - Read the newest book on your shelves. The one most recently acquired.
  3. The Oldie - Read the oldest book on your shelves. The one you've had the longest.
  4. The Collector - Read an anthology.
  5. Do Not Transcend Genre - Read a book in your favorite genre.
  6. Three is Company - Read three books in a trilogy. - I might cheat a little on this one and read three books in a series that isn't a trilogy. Although I do have access to some trilogies.
  7. See above
  8. See above
  9. Face Reality - Read a non-fiction book.
  10. Broaden Your Horizons - Read a book by someone who is not from the U.S. or U.K.
  11. Randommmm - Read the third book from the left/bottom of the second shelf of your TBR.
  12. Treat Yourself - Read your favorite book, or read a new book from your favorite author.

Now, rest assured I have made looooong lists of the books on my TBR that fit these challenges. I might even be able to slip some of my award books into these challenges. As I complete the challenges, I'll let you know what I read. What would you recommend for these challenges?