April 2, 2020

First Quarter Goals Check In

Right before the beginning of this year, I posted four goals I wanted to achieve in 2020 as regards books and reading. Now, we're 3 months into the year, which seems like a good time to check in on those goals, and see where I'm at.

  1. Read 140 books - According to Goodreads, I've read 36 books in 2020 which is just over 25% of my goal. Well done, me.
  2. Complete the PopSugar Reading Challenge - I have completed 15 challenges of the 40, so that's roughly 38% of the goal. I'm a bit ahead on this one. That's good because toward the end of the year it's harder to find books that fill the challenges.
  3. Read 12 books I already own - I am not counting books I got last year for my award reading. Aside from those, I've read 6 books that were already on my shelves before the year started. That's half way! Good job.
  4. Log books in my reading journal - I'm actually 3 books behind on this one. But that means I've put in 33 books. Not too shabby, considering I had all but abandoned it before this year. That would be really sad, since I've kept a reading journal since 1987.

So there are my reading goals for 2020 and the progress I've made so far. Did you make any reading resolutions? Readolutions, if you will. How are you doing?