June 9, 2020

Why Did I Add This?

Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is Books I've Added to My TBR and Forgotten Why. I should point out that I have almost 700 books on my TBR. There are bound to be books on there that I have no idea why I added them. On the other hand, I do go through it regularly and remove the books I'm no longer interested in. Let's see what we can dig up, shall we?

The Mermaid and Mrs. Hacock by Imogen Hermes Gowar - In going through my TBR, I realized that a lot of these books were added because they had good reviews somewhere or sounded interesting, but now I have no idea what they are about. This is one of those.

The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave - I feel bad about this one because I'm pretty sure I just added this in the last month. It might be a cover add.

The Possessions by Sara Flannery Murphy - I remember seeing this and thinking it might be interesting, but I have no idea what it's about now.

Eat Only When You're Hungry by Lindsay Hunter - Honestly, this might also have been a cover buy. Look at all that junk food! No idea what it's about. In fact, I thought it was a collection of essays for a long time.

The Diminished by Kaitlyn Sage Patterson - I remember that this is a book about pairs of twins but one of the twins has died. Still have no idea what about that called to me. Might have been the cover.

Less by Andrew Sean Greer - I know pretty much what this is about. I'm not sure what about it made me want to put it on my list, but there it is. Maybe it was billed as humorous? That would do it.

Eternal Life by Dara Horn - No idea what this is about. It sounded good at the time.

The Pope: Francis, Benedict, and the Decision That Shook the World by Anthony McCarten - I am slightly interested in our current pope. He seems to be a good guy. Why did I feel I needed a whole book about the popes? No idea.

The Vexations by Caitli Horrocks - I have no clue what this is about or why it's here. Wait. No. I remember! It's about a musician! Chopin? Liszt? Hang on. Satie! That's why it's on the list.

The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo - I feel like this is a historical novel set in China? Korea? That's all I got.

The Lady of the Ravens by Joanna Hickson - Right. No idea. Don't know when I added it. Don't know what it's about. I got nothing.

In case you were curious, I didn't remove any of these books from my list. I'll do any of that that needs doing in my next cull. I did remove a couple of books I've completely lost interest in. And one book that was on the list twice. Oops.

Also, my "n" key isn't working very well. I tried to catch all the typos, but you know how that goes.