September 21, 2020

September 2020 Library Update

So much is happening in my library account! It's chaos! I've recently come to the conclusion that I have way more books here than I will ever be able to read, so I am going to return most of the books for the award reading. I can't deal with the pressure of a due date right now.

Items Checked Out

The Black Kids by Christina Hammonds Reed - This is set around the time of the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. That happened when I was a senior in high school, so these kids would have been about my age. It promises to be interesting.

The Extraordinaries by T. J. Klune - My library system doesn't have this book, so I had to get it from out of state. It's about ADHD gay superheroes? Maybe?

I Hear The Sunspot: Limit 1 by Yuki Fumino - This is called Limit 1, but it is the third book in the sunspot series. Yikes.

Books on Hold

The Governess Game by Tessa Dare - I've got this on hold for when I have a minute when I need a mindless, angsty, romance.

How We Live Now by Bill Hayes - This is now circulating in the system and I'm number 2 on the list.

The Writer's Library by Nancy Pearl and Jeff Schwager - This is also circulating now, and I am number 2 on this list, also.

Fortune and Glory by Janet Evanovich - This one comes out next month. I'm number 105, but we have ordered 55 copies. Maybe I'll get the book in November. Maybe night.

That's it for the library account this month. I'm looking forward to those grown up books coming up soon!