January 13, 2021

2021 Resolutions

I realize that we are nearly half way through January already, but today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is 2021 Resolutions.

I will start with my Reading Resolutions. Readolutions if you will.

Read 150 books. - I have decided that after I finish my stint on the award committee, I will be scaling this goal back nearer 100 books, but while I have to read like the wind, I will keep it up this high. It's not fun, but it's doable.

Read 75 award nomination books - I really should be reading more than this, but since I only read 55 award books in 2020, it will be a stretch to get to 75.

Complete the PopSugar challenge - Last year, I didn't include the extra challenges, but this year, I am adding them on. There are 40 regular challenges and then 10 more extra challenges. Advanced, I think they call them. Last year, I was going from 24 challenges in the BookRiot challenge to 40 in PopSugar, and I didn't know how hard it would be to meet all of them. Turns out, it's not too bad, so this year I added the advanced ones.

Now for any other resolutions.

Pay off 2 more lines of credit - I paid off 3 lines of credit right at the end of 2020, so I'm starting off 2021 on a roll. If all goes to plan, we can pay off another one in May. Now, this all depends on how our budget looks after student loans come back into play. I'm not really sure how many loans we're even paying right now, so there's that. This is going to be a huge challenge that will mean tightening our belts in a lot of places to make this work. We've canceled some subscriptions we had and cut way back on eating out, but of course, our grocery bill went way up. It's a trade off. We'll see.

Get a promotion - I now have a Masters degree, and I would like to have a job that utilizes that degree. Of course, right this very minute, I have been sidelined by Covid like many people. Once I get vaccinated and get the all clear to return to work, I hope to make moves toward promotion and change.

Daily Routines - I hate routine. I hate feeling like I have to do the same things every day. I know that having a routine takes the decision making out of the equation and I can save that decision energy for important things and then I don't feel guilty for not washing my face again! I want to set up healthy routines that include self care and reflection. I have The Daily Stoic book that has a small "devotional" each day that includes a quote from one of the Stoics and a reflection on that quote. It's less than a page a day. I also have a One Question A Day book in which you answer the same question each day for 5 years. I mean, each day's question is different, but you answer the same question on January 4 for 5 years so you can see what has changed and what hasn't. Also, I need to take care of my skin and my teeth and my hair and all that stuff that I hate dealing with.

So okay. I feel like that's enough resolutions. I don't feel like any of them are outrageous. I'm stretching but I probably won't snap.

Do you have any resolutions or "readolutions" for 2021?