January 26, 2021

2020 New-To-Me Authors

Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is New-To-Me authors I read in 2020. I went back over the 150 books I read in 2020 and realized that most of the books I read in 2020 were by authors I hadn't read before. So I had to narrow it down. Here are the top ten authors I read in 2020 that I'd never read before and I want to read more books by in the future.

Elizabeth Acevedo - I read two books by her this year and I was impressed. They were both interesting but the second one was really fantastic. I can't wait to see what else she comes up with.

Robert Jackson Bennett - The book I read by this author was Foundryside which was a fun, fast-paced, steampunk fantasy. It was the first in a series, so I just need to get the next in the series.

Sarah J. Maas - I had spent the last 7 years avoiding this author. She was way overhyped and people went gaga for her books. In 2020, I decided to put away my snobbery and give her a shot. I was stunned by how much better her books were than what I expected. Until this year, her books were all for Young Adults, but now she has an Adult series started. I got the first book for Christmas, and I am stoked.

Emily Henry - This is another author who has previously only written for teens. This last year she put out an adult book and blew up the bestseller list. I enjoyed it a lot, so I'm interested to see what else she writes for adults.

Rudy Francisco - Francisco is a poet. I don't normally care for poetry, but I really dug the book I read last year. Unfortunately, my library doesn't have any other of his books. I'll have to get them from out of state.

Evie Dunmore - I really like Bringing Down the Duke this year, and I have the next in the series: A Rogue of One's Own. Portrait of a Scotsman is due out this year. The series is called A League of Extraordinary Ladies, which is in itself genius. The books are historical romance, but it's set during the age of women's suffrage in England and the banter is witty and the characters are hysterical (in the good way) and I really enjoyed it.

Uzma Jalaluddin - In 2020 I read Ayesha at Last by this author, which is a P&P retelling in the Indian-Canadian community. I really enjoyed it. It was a nice touch. She has another book coming in 2021 called Hana Khan Carries On. This one is about a girl who works in a Halal restaurant and also runs a podcast and works on a radio program. I predict this book will make me very hungry.

Talia Hibbert - This author has a bunch of romance books out, but the only ones I'm really interested in so far are the Brown Sisters series. The first one, Get a Life Chloe Brown, features a plus size woman with fibromyalgia which I can relate to. I loved the tone of this book and can't wait to get the next two.

Jennifer J. Chow - Chow wrote the Mimi Lee series of cozy mysteries starring the sassy cat Marshmallow. I loved the first two. I'm hoping for more soon.

Brit Bennett - As far as I know she only has 2 books out. I started with the second one, The Vanishing Half, and was blown away. I have The Mothers, which was her first book, so I am scooching that up my mental TBR priority list.

And that makes 10!

Did you read any new to you authors you can't wait to get more of?