February 2, 2021

100 Bookish Facts About Me 91-100

I have decided to start a list of 100 bookish facts. Now I have to think of 100 bookish things without repeating any.

100 - I'm not a big fan of tell-all memoirs.

99 - I like covers with girls in fancy dresses.

98 - I love Jane Austen. (not a shock, I know. But it is a fact)

97 - There isn't a genre I won't read. I like some more than others, but I'm not against any genre.

96 - Middle grade books try my patience.

95 - I am afraid my brain is going because I can't focus on smart books.

94 - I read a lot of Young Adult books. Yes, because of my award committee, but just in general.

93 - I like to read mysteries.

92 - I have so many unread books, I have to make a TBR each month to narrow down my options.

91 - My current favorite reading spot is on the couch or loveseat in the living room.

And we're off! My first 10 bookish facts. Whenever I can't think of something to post, I might just post one of these babies.

What are some bookish facts about you?