February 19, 2021

Friday Reads 2/19/21

Once again, I spent the week MIA. Don't worry. You didn't miss anything, I barely read any books at all. My Goodreads keeps yelling that I'm 3 books behind on my challenge. It's looking more and more like I will need to reduce that goal later. As I am ever the optimist, I keep thinking I will hit a reading streak and blow through a bunch of books and catch up. It could happen! Just not this month.

As you may already know, I tend to pile on more and more books the more stressed out I am. I currently have about 5 books on the go. Now that I am no longer as overwhelmed as I was 2 weeks ago, I no longer feel the need to read more than one book at a time. This means, I will probably go through them one book at a time now until they all get read. Sigh.

Remember all those books I put on my TBR for February? Yeah. Not happening. I'll be lucky to get through the 5 I'm working on now. With no further ado, here they are in the order I hope to read them:

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo - I just really need to get this bitch off my stack. I have been reading it for 50 days. I like it, but I'm sick of looking at it. I have less than 250 pages left. Normally, that would be a day's read, but this book is dense! The rabbit trails he runs off on are shorter than in previous sections, but are no less numerous.

**The F*ck It Diet** by Caroline Dooner - I read a few pages here, a few pages there. I don't have a bookmark in it (I know. Who am I?) so I frequently reread the same pages over again to find my spot.

A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny - This was one of the books I definitely wanted to read this year, so I'm going to make sure I read this one.

The Undocumented Americans by Karla Cornejo Villavicencio - This was on my list last week because the meeting was scheduled for Wednesday. When Wednesday came around, we were all under 6 inches of snow and suffering from rolling blackouts and burst water pipes, so they postponed the meeting. Good thing because I hadn't read the section. Now I have another chance.

Reader, I Married Him - I have so far enjoyed the stories in this book, but it's just not a top priority at this time. This one might take awhile. That's okay, it can't possibly take as long as Les Mis.

So those are the books I'm working on this week. 9 days. 4.3 books (I'm only counting the 3 chapters of the work book). I can do this. I hope.