April 22, 2021

April 2021 Library Update

You will be thrilled to discover there isn't much on this update today. For several months I had all the award reading books on hold at the library. Well, now I have almost two shelves full of award books sent me by the publishers, so I don't need to keep books on hold. I have plenty to read. So, I canceled all those holds.

Checked Out

A Taste for Love by Jennifer Yen - Ok. I lied. Just a little. This one is an award book, but I didn't get it from the publisher and I had heard great things about it, so I ordered this one. It's about teen bakers in a local baking competition and love.

Lumberjanes Vol. 10 by Shannon Watters - This is the next volume in this silly little graphic novel series I like. It takes place in a summer camp for girls where they always manage to encounter some weird paranormal events. It's really fun.

On Hold

The Recovery Agent by Janet Evanovich - I may stop posting this on this list for awhile. Originally, this was scheduled for June 2021, but now it's been pushed back to March 2022. Stupid Covid. Anyway, I've got it on hold for the next year, I guess. This isn't even the real cover. That hasn't been revealed, yet. But it's the only thing I have on hold right now.

And that's it! That was pretty painless.