June 30, 2021

Long Series

Today's Top Five Wednesday topic is about my favorite long series. For the purposes of this post, a long series is defined as having more than 3 books. I don't know if I would necessarily call that a long series, but those were the parameters set by the topic poster, so we'll go with it. I'm limiting myself to series in which I have read at least two of the books. I'm a terrible series finisher. Terrible!

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass - There are 7 books total in this series, plus some short story compilations. I've read 3 of them. I only started last year, so that's not too bad. The series is finished now, so there's no reason not to read them aside from my burgeoning TBR shelves. Also, this is the only YA novel on this list.

The Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich - These are ridiculous and so worth the couple of hours it takes to blow through one. I'm actually caught up on this series and waiting for the next one, as well as the one that is the first in a spin-off series. I just put the 28th volume on hold and I'm number 123 on the list. Sigh.

Commissario Guido Brunetti Series by Donna Leon - I'm sure no one is surprised to see this here. I've read just about half of the books in the series, but not in any kind of order. I've now gone back to the start and read the first five. I love that Venice is a character in the books and so are the members of Brunetti's family. It's not all just about the mystery.

Kinsey Millhone Series by Sue Grafton - Otherwise known as the Alphabet Series. The author went in order through the alphabet up to the letter Y. She died of cancer before she could write Z. It's pretty sad, but Kinsey will live on in these books. I like Kinsey. She's kind of a tough-talking, loner, noir, broad. Think Sam Spade in trainers and a pony tail.

Barker and Llewellyn Series by Will Thomas - I can't believe there are 12 of these books out! When you think you know a guy. The 13th is scheduled for 2022 which is about right since he retired this year. I like that when I read them, I hear them in Will's voice. Also, I was sure he had written his wife into his second book (she had all the physical characteristics of the Saint who is married to him) but then he blew her up! Spoiler alert. Anyway, these books are like Sherlock Holmes, but wittier.

There are five long series I like a lot. Unsurprisingly, most of them are mystery series. The only other genre I know of that features long series is Fantasy, and I haven't read very many of those. I've liked the ones I've read, but I haven't read more than one in those series, I don't think. So many books, so little time!!!

What are some of your favorite long book series? Can you think of a long series in a genre I don't have here?