July 22, 2021

July 2021 Library Update

This isn't a huge update today, so let's get right into it.

Checked Out

The Premonition by Michael Lewis - I have this checked out on ebook, but it will be returned in a couple of days. I've read about 30%. I haven't felt like reading this week, which will surprise no one who knows how my months usually go. Two weeks of wild reading and finishing of books, and then two weeks of nothing. Sigh.

On Hold

The Premonition by Michael Lewis - The print copy is on its way to me. Let's see if I feel like reading that one.

Defy the Night by Brigid Kemmerer - There's no hope of seeing this one soon. The library hasn't even got it in yet. This is an award book.

Witches Steeped in Gold by Ciannon Smart - I started this one on audiobook and just couldn't understand the accents. So I've ordered the print version. Hope that helps. I'm 6th on the list. This is an award book.

Game On: Tempting Twenty-Eight by Janet Evanovich - This is scheduled for release in November. I'm number 120 in the hold list, but we buy lots of copies, so I hope I don't have to wait forever. But still, expect to see this on the list for a few months.

See? That wasn't too bad. Just a few books I'm waiting on.