August 17, 2021

Favorite Places to Read

Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is My Favorite Places to Read. I figure this could be fun. I will be adding pictures, but not of my actual favorite places. I will choose carefully staged, aesthetic photos of places LIKE my favorite places to read. Because no one wants to see my janky house.

My all time number one place to read is my bed. Get the pillows stacked up against the wall (I don't have a headboard). Put up one of those backrest pillows. Grab my reading bean for my lap. And try to stay awake. You'd think I would read before sleep, but that just reinforces my body's habit of falling asleep while reading. So I don't read in bed when I plan to sleep. Sometimes I sleep anyway. Nap attacks are real.

My next favorite place to read is in my book room. I have a little chair and a lamp and a piano. Sometimes my feet get in the way of people walking through, but it's fine. I like to light a candle and get my soft pit bull blanket (an actual blanket, not my pit bull dogs. That's coming later) and wrap myself up and read.

That is not me. That is not my couch. That kind of looks like my dog. But here's where the pit bull blanket made of actual pit bulls comes in. I like to sit in the corner of my couch, next to the lamp, with my dog beside me, to read. I have a place to put a drink, which makes this spot better than the previously mentioned ones. I'm near the kitchen when I fancy a snack. It's all around a great spot.

I have a couple of chairs like this on my back porch. Now I have a mosquito zapper, too. When it's not hot as hell's half acre outside, I like to sit there to read. I can watch the neighbors and enjoy a breeze (if there is one) and listen to nature. Generally, I am at two with nature, so this is as outdoorsy as I get.

That's pretty much the extent of where I read that is fun. Before my kids could drive I read a lot in the car while at sports practice or dance rehearsal or waiting in line for school release. It's only ok. I read a lot in doctor's waiting rooms. It makes it hard to comprehend what you're reading. Lots of interruptions.

I like reading on my sister's couch, but that's pretty much like reading on my couch, just replace the dog with a cat and displace the couch 700 miles.

There are several places I would like to try reading to see if it works out. I would read at the park except for all the aforementioned nature. I would like to try reading on the porch of a mountain cabin.

For one of our anniversaries we stayed at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs and I read on the balcony looking out at the mountains:

So I have some experience with that.

I might like to read on a beach except for all the sun.

Where are your favorite places to read? Where have you read that you think I should try?