August 19, 2021

Reading Update

Reading Update

I did a thing. This weekend I decided I was done with this dumb reading slump. I thought about what kinds of books I feel like reading. Like what genres and tones, etc. I went to my shelves and pulled 4 books down and took them to my couch.

I read the first chapter or so of each book and decided whether or not I wanted to continue. Luckily, I liked all of the 4 books I sampled. Of course, with 4 possiblities, I had to decide which one to start with. So I asked my kid.

My kid said, "Tell me what each one is about." So I did. I expected them to tell me to read the one that sounded the most interesting to them, but instead they said, "Based on your excitement level when telling me about the books, I think you should read that one." So I did.


I have now read 106 pages of Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir. I'm not reading very fast or even every day. No pressure. I read when I can and when I feel like it. That's working so far. So hooray!!

Also, I have 3 more books I'm interested in reading when I finish this one!