August 21, 2021

Friday Reads 8-20-21

I am in the habit of doing a Friday Reads every week so here we are, even though we all know I'm not reading much. A week ago, I figured out what I want to read. 7 days later, I've read 135 pages. There are about 300 more to go, so you can expect to see it a lot.


Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir - Today I officially read past where I got to the last time I read this. So that's a win. I'm enjoying it. I like Gideon. I like a couple of the side characters. I think the plot is just about to kick in. Here's what I don't like. The tiny print makes it feel like I'm reading and reading and reading, and when I stop, I've read a whole 12 pages. Frustrating. Luckily, I like it enough to not be paying attention to the page numbers as I read.

Long Bright River

Long Bright River by Liz Moore - If, on the off chance, I finish Gideon, I'll pick up this one. This is a police procedural by a writer who usually does literary fiction. I'm down for that. It's also a chonker, but I'm not worrying about that right now. I can't. That would keep me from even starting it. One page at a time.

So that's what I'm reading. I'm not even listening to an audiobook. In the car, I'm only listening to podcasts. Hearing people talk about books makes me not hate the idea of picking one up.

What are you reading?