September 11, 2021

Reading Weekend 1

Since I didn't manage to post anything yesterday, you wouldn't necessarily know that I am on a reading holiday! Yes! An AirBnB in the Ozarks. No plans but to read and eat! Heavenly!

I thought I would record my experience throughout the day. I got here yesterday evening and will be leaving tomorrow morning, so most of the reading will be happening today.

When I got in last night, we (my sister was already here) ate some dinner and chatted a bit, then got down to business. We read for about an hour and a half before we started talking. I read 50 pages of my book club book: The Lake House by Kate Morton. Book club is next Friday, so I need to get that done. Also, I got an email yesterday saying I should step up my Sequoyah reading as I've fallen behind. So that will be a priority this weekend as well.

Today's plan is to read 50 pages of my Book Club book and then read a graphic novel for Sequoyah. Those are quick reads and will add to my book count quickly. After lunch, I will do another 50 pages of the book club book and another graphic novel for Sequoyah. This second graphic novel is larger, so I'm giving myself more time to finish that one. This evening I hope to do another 50 pages of the book club book. After that, I don't know. I brought 3 other books that I've started. I brought some magazines. So we'll see what happens.

lake house

The Lake House by Kate Morton - Here is the book club book. My copy has 492 pages. Normally, this would not be a problem, but considering my recent issues with reading, I am kind of freaking out about getting it down in a week.

Now, leave me alone so I can read.