September 11, 2021

Reading Weekend 2

It is not almost noon. I have read up to page 100 of The Lake House and I finished the first graphic novel.

Cheer Up!: Love and Pompoms has a real dumb name, but it's a cute graphic novel. We first meet Annie who is... let's call her unpleasant. She is egotistical and angry and has no friends because she thinks everyone is stupid. She does have the best grades, but she has no extra-curricular activities and the couselor says she won't get into college unless she joins something. Then we meet Beatrice. Annie an Beatrice were friends once, but they kind of grew apart. Beatrice is a trans girl and is now on the cheerleading team. The team voted her captain, which she didn't want to do, but they overruled her. Annie shows up for cheerleading tryouts and Beatrice uses her new captain position to force the team to accept her. What happens next is Annie learning how to get along with people and Beatrice learning to stand up for herself. The writing is a bit immature in that it feels like it was written for younger readers. I enjoyed it, though.


cheer up

I'm not sure what I'll do until lunch. Magazine? Read some of a book I've already started? Who knows!

Be back later.