September 12, 2021

Reading Weekend 3

So it's 11:00 pm now. The reading weekend is almost over. I've done all the reading I'm going to get done because we have to leave by 10 am and we all know ya girl isn't going to get up early to read.

So I read some of my Oh Reader! magazine before lunch.  

After lunch I read another 50 pages of The Lake House. I'm really enjoying it! Sometimes it's hard to keep track of what year we're in while reading, There are 3 timelines, and all the same people are in 2 of them. But aside from that the story is really good.

After that, I read The Dire Days of Willowweep Manor by Shannon K. Garrity. It is a grahic novel about a teen girl who is obsessed with Gothic Romances. She sees a man drowning in the river and jumps in to save him. She gets him to a little island in the river and they both pass out. She wakes up in a Victorian castle peopled by very strange people in Victorian dress and a ghost. Turns out, the castle is the stopgap between her world and another world that has been taken over by an evil slime and there are cracks letting slime in. She has to stop the slime and get the castle back on solid footing. The best part is the way she analyzes the castle and points out the ways it meets the bullet points of a Gothic Romance, i.e. brooding oldest brother, carefee and wanton youngest, ghost, hermitage on the grounds, etc.


I then took a nap. It was delicious.

I read some more of my magazine before dinner.

After dinner, I read about 35 more pages of my book club book. Had a chat with a friend on Facetime and then chatted with my sister for awhile, which catches us up!

So I started and finished 2 books today. Those were both for my award. I am 88% of the way through another award book on audio, which I'll probably finish that on my drive tomorrow.

I read 235 pages of my book club book as well. That's almost half way through that one. I feel like I gave myself a great head start on that one and I'll probably get it finished before the meeting.

I also had a lovely day in the calm of a house with no kids or dogs or work. I couldn't do chores because there weren't any. It was definitely relaxing. I highly recommend this for anyone who needs to get away.