December 10, 2021

Friday Reads 12/10/21

I have earned this Friday! What a week! And from what I can tell a lot of people feel the same way. It's been very weird. That being said, I didn't get all the reading done I wanted to, so there will be some carryover from last week. But some new stuff also.

Black birds

Black Birds In the Sky by Brandy Colbert - I'm about halfway through this. I haven't got a lot of reading done this week, but I've picked at it a bit. I'm hoping to get it done this weekend because there is an award committee meeting on Monday.

Love in English

Love in English by Maria E. Andreu - I have this book out from the library. It is the next book on my list to read so I can get it turned back in. Also it is an award book. I would like to have it read by Monday also, but I realize that may be an unreachable goal.

Yours Cruelly

Yours Cruelly, Elvira: Memoirs of the Mistress of the Dark by Cassandra Peterson - If this is a recent picture of her, I want to know what filter they used. Sheesh! Anyway, my copy of this is ready at the library. It's not very long, so I'm hoping I can squeeze it in with all my award reading. It will be a reward for reading all the award books for the Monday meeting.

So that's what's up for my reading this week. What is on your stack?