January 18, 2022


I got busy yesterday and reorganized my TBR board getting ready for February! I went through all the prompts and pulled out the ones from last year's challenge. I also took out all the books I've already read from the jars and the bomb books envelope.

Then I wrote down the titles of all the books on my 50 by 50 challenge. And I wrote down all the prompts from the BookRiot Read Harder challenge. I cut all those out and pulled the velcro off the old ones and stuck it on the new ones.

I wrote down the names of a bunch of books I'm looking forward to and put those in my "Most Anticipated" jar.  I still need to add the intimidating books to my bomb books envelope, but that can wait.

I still have "Sequoyah Jar" for when I draw an Ace, but I have emptied that jar (woohoo!) and I have now made that the Re-Read jar. If I draw and Ace I'll draw a book from that jar that is full of books I want to re-read. I haven't figured out how to fix it on the actual board. Or rather, I know how to fix it, but I'm too lazy to boot up my compute for just that.

I replaced the prompts on the board that I took of because of irrelevance. Here is a picture of the board right now.

We are all set for the February TBR game!! It's coming soon!