February 21, 2022

Feb. 2022 Goodreads Update Pt. 2

How's your Presidents' Day going? I woke up at 4:00 am very sick. I slept until noon. I am in a bad mood anyway, and then my dog peed on me. That's how my day is going. So I decided to attempt to improve my attitude by doing this Goodreads Update. Nothing like looking at books to feel better, amirite? The sad thing is there are only 3 books here. I've been a little busy and I haven't been adding books, I guess.

Smart Notes

How to Take Smart Notes: One Simple Technique to Boost Writing, Learning and Thinking - for Students, Academics and Nonfiction Book Writers by Sonke Ahrens - Do I know where I came across this book? No. Do I know if I can even get a copy of it? Also no. But am I one of those persons listed in the subtitle? Alas, no. But this book calls to me. I want to take good notes for reviews. I am aware that I could write good reviews if I knew how. So it's a start.

Forging Silver

Forging Silver Into Stars by Brigid Kemmerer - Another fantasy by Kemmerer? Say less. I'll take two. I like Kemmerer's contemporary fiction as well, but this is what she's publishing now, so this is what I will be reading. It comes out in May.

Four Thousand Weeks

Four Thousand Weeks: Time and How to Use It by Oliver Burkeman - When I hear about a book on two different podcasts on two consecutive days, I add it to my list. The average human has about 4000 weeks of life. Apparently this book talks about how to make the most of the time you've got. Also, I love that cover.

That's it! Now I have to find something else to do to not think about how angry I am at my dog.