March 30, 2022

Having Thoughts

I think it is safe to say that March has been rough. I think I need some self-care, and to make that happen, I'm going to change up my TBR game just a little. I just got new cards that I definitely want to use, so I'm still going to play, I'm just going to do it a little differently. Instead of pulling all the cards at the beginning of the month and creating a list of books to read that month, I'm going to pull one card at a time.

I'm going to start with a list of books I'd like to get to in April. Or books that fulfill challenges I'm wanting to complete in April. Then, I'll pull one card, follow the prompt and read that book. When I've read that one, I'll come back and pull the next card. That way I'm not pressured by reading a certain number of books in the month.

I started reading the last book on my March TBR, then a shocking thing happened at work and I was too keyed up to read about gangsters, so I put that one down and picked up a nice cozy mystery. I'll probably be reading that one for awhile.

For my April TBR post, I'll share the list of books I'm going to try to match up to card pulls as well as the challenges they are for, and pull the first card.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.