May 20, 2022

Friday Reads 5/20/22

How the hell is it already May 20? And also, how is June still 10 days away? Time is very slippery right now. I've gone back to work, but I will be off Monday and Tuesday next week and then also Friday next week. So I hope I have some reading time. Tonight is book club. Tomorrow is a grad party. Sunday the girls dance in church. Then I am free!

I finished a book for book club on Wednesday. I had no time to read yesterday, since I went back to work for 8 hours. When I get time this weekend I'll focus on one or two books to attempt to catch up on my goals.

Bone Orchard

The Bone Orchard by Sara A. Mueller - The cover on this one kind of bothers me. The bones of the fingers are in a position fingers cannot get in naturally. Probably since there aren't any tendons and skin holding them in place. But still, it bothers me. The book is really good though. I like the voice of the narration. The main characters are interesting. Charm is a madam at the nicest house of ill repute in the city. All the girls are "boneghosts" which are made from pieces of her own personality. The emperor just died and charged her with finding out which of his sons killed him.

American Heiress

American Heiress: The Wild Saga of the Kidnapping, Crimes, and Trial of Patty Hearst by Jeffrey Toobin - I think I'm about ready to get back into this one now. I read 30 pages and then got distracted. I'm ready for some more non-fiction now.

Then I think it might be time for something a little lighter.

Bad Day for Sunshine

A Bad Day for Sunshine by Darynda Jones - I really like Darynda Jones and I'm looking forward to starting this new series. It's set in a small town in New Mexico where Sunshine is the sherriff. Suddenly her town is the setting for a nationwide manhunt. It's sort of madcap, sort of romance, sort of mystery. And doesn't require too much brain capacity.

What are you planning to read this week?