July 7, 2022

Mid-Year Goals Check-In

We are officially past the half-way mark for 2022. Way back in December, I posted my goals for the year. I feel like now might be a good time to check in and see how I'm doing on those goals.

Goal #1

Read 100 books. - I have read 50 books this year, so I am just almost right where I need to be. If I could listen to audiobooks, I could fly past this goal, but I struggle. I know a ton of people listen while they do chores or crafts or drive. They must not have people in their house that want to talk all the time. I am grateful for my family, so I just don't listen to audiobooks. I would like to listen while I read a paper book. If I can remember when I have an audiobook for a book I'm reading, that's a fun experience. It doesn't mean I read more books, however.

Goal #2

Re-Read 12 Books - I completely forgot about this goal. I have to go back and check, but I think I've re-read exactly 1 book. Yup. The only book I've re-read this year is Sense and Sensibility. Oops. Guess I better get busy! That's why I do these check-ins.

Goal #3

Read 25 of my 50-By-50 list - Well, I've read 5 and DNF'd one, so I have a ways to go to catch this up. I am reading a 7th right now. And there are 3 more on my TBR for July. That would get me quite a bit closer to halfway. It's still doable. I just need to focus.

Goal #4

Complete the BookRiot Read Harder Challenge - I don't think I ever told what prompts are on this challenge. I'll link it here. Anyway, I've read 11 of those books this year. Much better than my progress on the 50 by 50 list, but still just a little short. That being said there are 2 books from that list on my July TBR.

Goal #5

Get a promotion - Working on that. I had an interview today, in fact. Lots of things have stood in my way, but I have been getting interviews and getting pretty close. So here's hoping.

Goal #6

Pay off 2 lines of credit - That's cute. Well, we tried. Things have not gone well for us financially this year with the hospital visits and car fixes, etc. We're still plugging away at it all, though.

Goal #7

Exercise - I mean. I did dance as much as I could. I injured my knee in February. Does physical therapy count as exercise? After I get my knee replaced I'm hoping to be able to do more exercise. In fact, I think it will be required.

Okay, that's all my goals. Some I'm doing okay on. Some are less good. I think I can still have a chance at getting to some of these bad boys.

Wish me luck!