September 2, 2022

Friday Reads 9/2/22

Well, here we go. He have made it to the "ber" months. I love it! Wednesday I posted my TBR for this month. And this is the first Friday Reads of the month where I immediately veer away from my TBR. Shocking!

The Secret History by Donna Tartt - Just after I posted my TBR, I remembered I need to re-read a book. I stood in front of my bookshelves and decided I wanted to reread this one and I want to do it before I get to my TBR books. I'm a little bit off my feed, so I just went with my gut.

The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes - As a foil to the density and difficulty of the first book, I'm going to read The Hawthorne Legacy. It's a fast-paced, YA, mystery that should be easy to get through and not take a long time. I may or may not start it while I'm still reading The Secret History just to make it feel like I'm actually finishing something.

A Companion to Jane Austen by Claudia L. Johnson and Clara Tuite - And of course, I'm still working on this. I'm only 1/4 of the way through. It's not really a slog, but there are a LOT of tiny words on each page. The margins are pretty wide and it doesn't have bible-thin pages, but it still takes focus and concentration for each essay.

And that's it. I most definitely will not get all this done this week. Expect to see some of these books again.