October 1, 2022

Friday Reads (on Saturday) 10/1/2022

It's the beginning of a new month! A fresh start! It's time to get started on that new TBR that is kind of ridiculous, but I am still holding out hope. As evidenced by this Friday Reads.

Jane Austen

Jane Austen: Literary Celebrity by Peter J. Leithart - You may notice that the cover image has changed since my TBR post. Yes. I finally found the Goodreads page for this edition of this book. It originally published in 2010, but has now been updated for the new wave of Austenmania.

Missouri Review

The Missouri Review - I'm going to start reading stories in this so I can actually finish it.

Modiste Mishap

The Modiste Mishap by Erica Ridley - I am deliberately front loading my reading with the short books this month. If I can get through a bunch of books early, I can use that momentum to keep reading and get through the chonky bois.


Literature: Why it Matters by Robert Eaglestone - Ok. One more little short book. I will probably still be reading this on Friday next, but I'm going to put it here in an abundance of ambition.

I'm going to rein myself in here. It's three books, but it totals 460 pages total (not counting the magazine). It's totally doable. I'm only working 3 days so I have some time to read. I do have appointments on my days off, but still there is time.