October 14, 2022

Friday Reads 10/14/22

Friday again. It's my last Friday off because of my surgery. In fact, it's my last day of short term disability. Sigh. I had a good run. Anyway, let's talk about my reading plans for the next week.

Mexican Gothic

Mexican Gothic by Sylvia Moreno-Garcia - I'm almost halfway through this one. I plan to wrap it up this weekend. So far it's creepy, but I'm not scared out of my wits. It's a good story, though.

Have and Hoax

To Have and To Hoax by Martha Waters - I'm going to throw in this lighter romance in between all this darkness. I chose darkness for October, but some lighter fare is a good idea. It probably won't take too long to read, since it's so light. So...

Sister Novelists

Sister Novelists: The Trailblazing Porter Sisters, Who Paved the Way For Austen and the Brontes by Devoney Looser - So this is the book I decided to trade into my TBR. I have an ARC of it from NetGalley, and I need to review it before the end of the month. I liked the essay from Looser that I read in the Jane Austen book I finished last month. I decided to move Five Survive to November because I don't have to review it until around Thanksgiving. Goodreads says this is 576 pages, but I hope many of those are notes and citations, etc.

This is a lot of words to read. On the other hand, once I finish these three, I'm only left with the one massive book on my TBR. If I can finish them by next Friday, I'll have over a week to finish that one. I am a reading machine!!